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Are You a KonMari Fun but Not Tidied Yet?!


KonMari Method™ is a fail-proof DeCluttering Method developed by Ms. Marie Kondo. We have read her books and watched Netflix shows multiple times; however, many of us are still living in a "Not Tidied, Yet" space.

Kayco Ishii, the certified KonMari Consultant, developed an unprecedented approach combining her 20+ years of Career Consulting expertise along with the tools of Guided Meditation of Fractal Psychology® which was developed by Ms. Mau Isshiki. Kayco under the guidance of Ms. Isshiki offered an 8 weeks course at OLLI@CSULB for the past three years.

If you are curious to overcome your procrastination, please contact Kayco Ishii at 424-224-2975

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