6 reasons why KonMari Funs are failing...

Updated: May 26, 2020

KonMari Method™ is a fail-proof method if you follow the right 6 steps. The most important step is often overlooked by the "Self-taught KonMari Funs."

Do you want to learn about it...?

The keyword is "Visualization." Our vision is the scenario for our lives.

Do you sometimes find your self murmuring... "we have no other choice..."

Are you willing to rephrase that to "let's visualize other options..." for a moment..?

Find out the unprecedented method Kayco has developed combining KonMari Method™& the Guided Meditation tools of Fractal Psychology®

Kayco Ishii

Certified KonMari Consultant

Life & Career Consultant with Fractal Psychology®

20+ years of Recruiting・HR・Career Counseling experience in the U.S.

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