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KonMari Fun

but Not Tidied, Yet?

Give me just 20 minutes &

I will show you WHAT is STOPPING YOU.

Keiko "Kayco" Ishii

いしい けいこ

Kayco is the "One and Only Consultant in the US"

with the Dual Certifications: 

  • KonMari Method™

  • Fractal Psychology®


Her unique & unprescedented method combines:

  • KonMari Method™ for Mind & Space Organization

  • Guided Meditation with Fractal Psychology® 

  • 20+ years of Parenting ♡♥♡

  • 20+ years of HR, Recruiting & Career Counseling

6 Steps to Overcome KonMari Procrastination
with Guided Meditation by Fractal Psychology®

The most important step of KonMari Method™ is the visualization; however, this is more difficult than we think...  Let's visit the "FUTURE YOU"

Lesson 1

Visualize Ideal Life

The Clothes Mountain is not only the "Shock Therapy" but also the tool to develop your sensor for the "JOY CHECK"

Lesson 2

Visit Future YOU

Which character would you chose if you were to live their lives?  We are writing the scenario of our own life. "FUTURE TALK"

Lesson 3

Scenario Writer

What we keep after the "Discard them ALL" paper purging,  will reveal your "ENERGY DRAINER"

Lesson 4

Be Selective

Our world is the reflection of our Deep Conscious Mind.  Which essence does "THAT person" represent??

Lesson 5

Mirror Mirror Mirror

Our memory multiplies when we tried to justify ourselves in our mind.  How many times did THAT really happen??

Lesson 6

Appreciate to Graduate



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